About Elle Mackenzie

Elle Mackenzie couldn’t be more excited to be sharing the stories she has with those in search of an adventure. Her first novel, Guild of Blood, has been adored by beta readers and has now found its way into the hands of Senior Literary Agent and Owner of Metamorphosis Literary Agency, Stephanie Hansen. Elle has several more works completed or in progress, including the sequel to Guild of Blood, two other fantasy series which have yet to be named, and a number of co-authored projects including Of Relics and Roses and Them and Us.

In addition to writing, Elle is studying Psychology at ASU with the intention to use her degree to help people who struggle with mental illness. In her free time, she likes to sing musicals at the top of her lungs, play Dungeons & Dragons, avoid getting cooked alive by the unrelenting Phoenix sun, and cuddle with her husband Nathan, her partner (and co-author) Nick, and their three cats.

Elle has many passions, but three that are close to her heart are animals, mental illness, and LGBTQIA+ equality. Please consider making a donation to one of these national organizations that help those in need!

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