Them and Us Preview

Chapter One – Kaes As long as I live, I will never forget the feeling of being fully clothed and also soaked through to my undergarments. The foul, swampy water we were currently marching through, packs over our heads, was just high enough to reach my dangly bits, and it gave me the boke. IfContinue reading “Them and Us Preview”

Of Relics and Roses Preview

Chapter One – Violet “No, no, no, no, NO!” My brother’s shouting and the sound of breaking glass snapped me out of my daze with a start, and I spun on my feet, concern mixing with irritation. “Do I dare ask what that was?” I shouted at him as I headed towards where the cacophonyContinue reading “Of Relics and Roses Preview”

Guild of Blood

Guild of Blood has finally found its champion in Senior Literary Agent Stephanie Hansen of Metamorphosis Literary Agency! In this coming of age fantasy, the Rimmelon Convocation Guild, a group of mercenaries, is encountered with a new enemy–or, rather, a very old one. The Dragon Prince Calcenon will stop at nothing to claim the throneContinue reading “Guild of Blood”